Marianne van de Heuvel founded Kokokitchen -Food & Fabrics- in 2015. With this company she works as a plant based chef for trainings and retreats, gives cooking classes and 1:1 consultation. Her passion for coconut products is rooted in the years that she lived with her family in the Philippines. 

Further she is trained as an Ayurvedic food advisor and Kundalini yoga teacher & coach. She brings together awareness of body, digestion and daily food choices that are suitable for your specific situation. It is here where yoga and food come together.

Ingeborg Bloem is a designer  Ingeborg and Marianne share their passion for food and fabrics. Both have travelled frequently around Asia and are in love with the culture, food and people


We love textile designs for towels & dishcloths. Maybe in the future we will produce these.